Samplicity: new Free Bricasti M7 True Stereo IR library

Many people have attempted to sample the coveted Bricasti Designs M7 in an attempt to yield possibly some of the same benefits as owning the hardware unit itself. Free Bricasti M7 libraries have been with us for awhile. Casey from Bricasti M7 (one of the co-developers of Bricasti who worked at Lexicon earlier in his career) authorized Acousticas to sample the Bricasti M7 for use in IR engines. They created a nice clean library of regular mono-to-stereo files. People started asking for true stereo versions and a couple of developers decided to do this also as a free download. True stereo, depending on the convolution engine used, contains either two mono-to-stereo files usually labeled L & R (for Waves IR-1, Wizoo W2 (now discontinued), Liquidsonics Reverberate, SIR2 etc), or four mono files (as used in Audioease Altiverb). The files combine much like the hardware unit to give a semblance of 5:1 surround.

The difficulty is successfully capturing the non-linearities as well as the linearities inherent within the actual sound of the M7. Any type of chorusing or modulation that also represents the sound of the Bricasti cannot be captured accurately by sine sweeps or gunshot spikes. Some have compensated for this by using convolution engines that can add in the modulation and chorusing after the fact – Liquidsonics Reverberate is one example. The important thing is that the actual IR is free of these elements that can add artifacts to the tail especially in terms of realistic decays of them.

Creating an IR chain in a single instance

The new and free True Stereo Bricasti M7 IRs now available from Samplicity is far more pristine and free of the artifacts that plagued the other attempts to capture this device in True Stereo simulated surround. Even the mono-to-stereo IRs are fantastic – enough to hold their own in the event you would like to experiment with creating an IR chain in a single instance of your favorite IR convolution engine. You can combine IRs to create this chain – one example is to the use the effective “Studio A” in context with “Scoring Stage” rather than having two separate instances which would be fabulous for doing mockups on the quick for approval by the music director you’re reporting to.

Samplicity’s new True Stereo Bricasti M7 IR library is a phenomenal find. Although it won’t replace the actual unit itself, its gotten much closer in quality than previous attempts. Download it today at Samplicity: Bricasti M7 True Stereo. Please note that although this is a free download, extensive work went into creating this library so please consider donating a little to support Samplicity’s production cause and keep these libraries moving – from the blueprint concept all the way into your studio.

Frederick Russ

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  2. August 1, 2010 at 10:44 am

    New version of Samplicity’s FREE Bricasti M7 IR library is out!

    In version 1.0 a channel swap error has been found, which has been fixed in the new 1.1 version. This affected all TrueStereo presets. If you know if any of your friends have downloaded the first version, please tell them to replace the 1.0 version with a download of the 1.1 version. Or retweet or repost this announcement on your favourite social community sites and forums. I will also add a set of presets for LiquidSonics’ Reverberate, which have been kindly provided by LiquidSonics.
    And if you like these high quality impulse responses and if you can use them for your work, please consider to make a donation, to help me cover my development, gear and hosting costs. Much appreciated!

    You can now download the new version from:

    Happy music making and mixing!

    Peter Emanuel Roos