Re: The Relab LX480 – a powerhouse in a small package

Relab LX480: a powerhouse in a small package. I was stunned as to how great and useful this little plug-in is. Will it replace my Lexi PCM? No. But its cake to dial in settings that make it to the final mix. The Lite version contains Random Hall & Random Hall D – just like the beta version. There is a great intuitive interaction between the delays, modulation and halls. Adjusting settings is a snap – five minutes with it and you’re there. There are presets of course but its best with this particular item to play around with the settings to find out what it can do. There is also a very musical roll-off of higher frequencies that seems nearly analog in nature. Although I love the long-tail halls, I’m warming up in a major way to the smaller rooms which have that perfect early and loose reflection emulation that is neither harsh or fake. I love this plug-in. Its very smooth. At $199 its a no-brainer.

I had originally thought that since I owned the Lexicon PCM Native that I had no further use of reverbs but there is a very different flavor and organic texture with the Relab LX480 that is different than anything else other than the actual hardware unit. Its no wonder that Lexicon 480L’s have been continually sampled in IR format since the dawn of convolution technology. Different IRs of the 480 are nice in their own way but the sad but direct truth is that the Relab LX480 emulation completely and utterly smokes them in every way.

You will need to get up with Tony Belmont from Plug In Discounts to order a copy of the Lite version (which in my opinion isn’t light at all). Apparently when the later version is released, you’ll get credit for this purchase and pay $300 more for the full version. Also be sure to check out this comparison between 480L and Relab LX480. For some online banter regarding the plug-in, be sure to visit the Relab LX480 blind test shoot-out.

On an unrelated but pertinent note, please check here for progress on the new FREE Samplicity IR library of Bricasti Designs M7 in True Stereo.

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  1. Erik Ekholm's Gravatar Erik Ekholm
    July 17, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    HI, Great review! I am really interested in this unit and the spec.s looks great!