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Helpful Orchestral Seating Chart

Personally I love this – to me its one of the most helpful diagrams to assist visualization of orchestral seating arrangements for panning, spatial mixing etc. I also liked that the percussion sits in the very back center and not off to the left side as shown in some traditional charts. Be sure to click […]

New cue for American Spirit project

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Samplicity: new Free Bricasti M7 True Stereo IR library

Many people have attempted to sample the coveted Bricasti Designs M7 in an attempt to yield possibly some of the same benefits as owning the hardware unit itself. Free Bricasti M7 libraries have been with us for awhile. Casey from Bricasti M7 (one of the co-developers of Bricasti who worked at Lexicon earlier in his […]

Re: The Relab LX480 – a powerhouse in a small package

Relab LX480: a powerhouse in a small package. I was stunned as to how great and useful this little plug-in is. Will it replace my Lexi PCM? No. But its cake to dial in settings that make it to the final mix. The Lite version contains Random Hall & Random Hall D – just like […]

Two music reels that are mobile device friendly!

Flash doesn’t always work with mobile devices. So if you’re cruising in here on one, here are a couple of reels that don’t utilize it – instead offering direct download: SCORING STAGE REEL 2 (mobile device friendly) HIGH IMPACT REEL 1 (mobile device friendly) Share on Facebook

General Reel – new stuff

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Our favorite site for Virtual Instrument Composers

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Requiem choir test

A new test using Tonehammer Requiem Choir choral-empathy-remix Share on Facebook